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Fri, 08 Apr 2011 12:11:25 GMT | By Taniya Talukdar/ DNA-Daily News & Analysis

Terrace gardens can be created anywhere

Kamal Sagar, principal architect and CEO of Total Environment answers some questions on terrace gardens

Terrace gardens can be created anywhere

How feasible is it to have a terrace garden in Bangalore's homes or apartments?

Terrace gardens do not occupy much space. In most cases they are created in small open spaces, balconies and verandas of an apartment or on the terrace in the case of a villa. Bangalore has a great weather for terrace gardens so you could explore spaces in your house that can be converted into terrace gardens. It is always advisable to consult a structural engineer who will check the load bearing capacity of the roof in the building as the soil, gravel and plants in the terrace garden will increase the load on the balcony considerably and there chances of seepage.

How popular have terrace gardens become?

In the last few years, we notice that home buyers are seeking green spaces in their homes and are aware of the benefits of terrace gardens. Green spaces give customers the opportunity to integrate with nature, greenery adds warmth and freshness in living areas fusing the indoors with outdoors.